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about me
about me
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Here are some of the links that refer to me or that I'm interested in. Maybe you can find them interesting too!

The University that I work for. (In Italian)

The Research Centre on Software Tecnology (RCOST) of University of Sannio where I develop my research activity.

The Department of Engineering for Innovation of the University of Salento in Italy where I got my PhD. (In Italian)

The Florida Institute of Technology, FL - USA official Web site.
Here is where I'm at the moment, doing my research activity in collaboration with prof. Scott Tilley from the Computer Science Department.

The Computer Science Department official Web site of the Florida Institute of Technology.

The SIGPC web site: Exploring the Impacts of Pervasive Computing. I'm among the writer of the articles of this web site and prof. Scott Tilley is the editor.

The web site of one of the smartest and more professional small companies I have the pleasure to collaborate with in Italy. The Medì team has considerable experience and know-how in designing and developing multimedia applications. Cd-rom, Web applications and multimedia kiosks are the focus solutions the Medì group composed of engineers, graphics and contents experts develops. (In Italian)

My brother's official web site. He is an artis and I hope you'll like his paintings :)

The web site of a smart web agency founded by a former student of mine. (In Italian)

Corsi di formazione e-learning sul D.Lgs. 231/01 Unitelma Certiquality (In Italian)

Corso di formazione sulla ISO/CD 9001:2015. Verso la futura ISO 9001:2015 Unitelma - Certiquality (In Italian)
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